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One thing Chantelle and I have in common is our obsession with all things pregnancy and birth. I came across her birth story whilst scrolling on Instagram, and felt it would be perfect for the blog, so with permission I am sharing it with you today. It’s short but sweet – a testament to how sometimes less is more, and that simple can be perfect.


I woke up at 6am when my waters broke. I woke my husband and mum up and put the kettle on. After a quick trip to the hospital to check that everything was OK, we went home to set up for my planned home birth. My husband inflated the birthing pool while I stood in the shower as my waters were still trickling and contractions had started. I always say I put on a show whilst in labour as I had 3 midwives, my mum, sister, husband and my mother in law all with me.

It was all pretty chilled apart from me roaring like a lion, it’s actually so funny the noises we make in labour. I pushed for 1 hour and the labour lasted 15 hours from start to finish with the use of gas and air and a birth pool.

Emilio weighed 10lb 1oz, so I needed a little patchwork. He was put on the boob straight away and he’s still breastfed til this day. My sister filmed my birth, which I still haven’t watched! I’m not quite ready for that yet!

After the birth we ordered Domino’s for everyone including the midwives and had Prosecco to celebrate. I got into my own bed that night with my husband and baby and haven’t slept a full night since!

‘Most women need encouragement and companionship more than they need drugs’


Let your story be an inspiration for others

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