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Another week, another #BirthStory on The Birth Circle. This week from Georgie @littlesoldiersfirstaid. Georgie is an A & E Nurse who recently gave birth to her son in April this year, and describes her experiences of birthing during the pandemic, bringing hope to others who may be anxious during this time.

Georgie | Thank You NHS

On the 15th April I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy at The Great Western Hospital. Being pregnant during the pandemic certainly added an additional dimension to the normal anxieties and general logistics surrounding my delivery. But from the moment I arrived at the hospital I was met with the smiling, masked, faces of the midwives – all of whom apologised for the their protective equipment as we couldn’t see their faces properly. Their professionalism & total openness about this unprecedented situation that we are all facing was extraordinary. 

I was made to feel safe, supported & cared for straight away & never did that falter – I think that’s what every mother wants, and deserves, during childbirth. Our baby boy was born that afternoon and I now realise just how special that was. Born in April 2020, he will forever have a special story to tell. 

Each and every midwife who was involved in our care were going above & beyond their duty – from leaving their own family to stay in hospital accommodation, to returning to work after 18 months of retirement to lend a (very experienced) hand, to doing many extra shifts to cover staff shortages. Not to mention relying on extended family support for childcare in order to protect a vulnerable family member. Not one person seemed downbeat, just matter of factly, ‘this is what I have to do’.

The NHS staff across the country are making these sacrifices for all of us… to ensure departments like maternity continue to run safely and provide a quality service during this peculiar time. Within each and every hospital, policies surrounding COVID- 19 are changing day by day, hour by hour even and there are changes that may not be in line with your birth plan…but right now these are out of our control and put in place to protect everyone. It may not be what we all envisioned 9 months ago, but that’s the nature of this very big, unpredictable beast.

As a nurse myself, I am beyond proud of our NHS staff – each & every one of them. Being on the other side gives such a deep insight into the system and made me realise just how lucky we are to have our health service.

Doctors and nurses on the frontline have rightly had a lot of praise, but porters, midwives, cleaners, kitchen staff, hospital transport drivers, HCA’s and so many more keep our hospitals running.

I thank the NHS staff from the bottom of my heart for the exceptional work they are all doing, the sacrifices they have made and bringing our baby boy into this world.

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