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With lots of new likes to my Facebook pages (@thebirthcircleukcircleuk + @RealBirthWorkshopExeter), I thought I’d share a little bit about myself for those of you who don’t know me.

I’m Sarah, and I am a practicing midwife, with a passion for antenatal education. I’ve been a midwife for nearly 11 years now (and a student midwife for 3 years prior to that). I currently spend my days working out in the community and working shifts at my local maternity hospital, mainly on the labour ward or the birth centre.

My decision to become a Real Birth Teacher & Trainer developed from my belief that women who understand their body and how it works in labour and birthing their babies, feel more calm, connected and prepared, and generally have a more positive birth experience, regardless of mode of birth.

I was tired of seeing women feeling scared at their body’s own natural strength and power in labour. I wanted to be able to teach women (and their birth partners) just how amazing our bodies are when it comes to birth, and just how perfectly they are designed for that very purpose. I want women to feel empowered and to trust their body, and to feel excited as they approach their upcoming birth instead of feeling scared.

…So here I am (with my baby and placenta model in tow)!

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about my face-to-face or online antenatal workshops

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