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This week, I wanted to share something a little bit different. I love hearing and reading peoples’ birth stories, but sometimes I believe if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video amplifies that a thousand times louder. I came across this video as I scrolled through Instagram, and it literally stopped me in my tracks, and brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t know this woman, or anything about her or her story at the time, but within this short 60 second clip, I could feel all of the hurt, strength, love and healing this mama expressed. That moment when you meet your baby for the first time, is INDESCRIBABLE, but I think this clip sums it up 100%.

(You can view the full video below)

The following words, are taken directly from Justine’s post:


“Birth can be so many things…
To me,
It’s powerful.
It’s empowering.
It’s beautiful.
It’s unbelievably challenging.
To me,
It is truly transformational. –
I went in to a whole new world, where I felt so connected to my body and to my baby and the more powerful it became the deeper I went. –
I never complicated it. I surrendered to the process, I moved my hips, listened to music that empowered me, I breathed, I remained soft, no internals, I had my yoga mat, my shower and the worlds best support – my husband, my son, my mum and two incredible midwives. –
I wanted to make the most of each surge…and as weird as this may sound, after my pregnancy loss journey last year and that pain I felt, I really wanted to FEEL birth for all that it is…every single bit of it, so I welcomed all of those sensations and this video means everything to me…

Watching it I see strength, I see vulnerability, I see so much love but most of all it brings back all of the feelings I felt from that day, the power of healing… A mama who drew so much strength from her loss to birth her rainbow and to heal a part of her heart .
That’s how powerful birth is to me. That’s how special my little man is to me. –
I can’t thank you enough Jess @home_grown_photography. I will forever be grateful for you capturing one of the most special moments of my life”. 💫

“The empowerment that I got from my midwife team to trust my body made the world of a difference. It not only gave me the best possible start to motherhood, but it allowed me to simply birth and experience the strength that we as women possess – for this I will forever be grateful”


Let your story be an inspiration for others

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