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I love @nursejenfit’s #BirthStory. It is a story of mama warrior bravery; from having to switch to ‘plan B’ despite all her preparations, but #BossingIt all the same, as she gave birth to her daughter Aria abdominally!


A c-section may not have been part of my ‘birth plan’, but making sure my baby was born healthy and safe definitely was

I wanted nothing more than to experience a ‘natural’ birth. So when I was told it was time to consider a c-section I was heart broken. How dare my body fail me?! I prepared for months. I followed my doctor’s advice. I exercised for as long as I could and rested when I was advised to. So why wasn’t my body responding?

I cried so hard, it was devastating news to me. I had dreamt of pushing my baby out, having my husband cut the cord and the doctor announcing “it’s a girl”. None of that happened. Instead they prepared me for the operating theatre. I remember lying on the table shaking uncontrollably, looking at the monitor as my blood pressure escalated through the roof. My husband rubbing my head, asking me if I was ok and I, in my head, praying to God to give me a healthy baby.

I was scared. It was no longer my fairy tale birth plan. I wasn’t prepared for surgery and I definitely wasn’t prepared for post-op recovery. Ahh!! The pain…never in life did I ever feel so much pain, like excruciating pain! I remember the next day the nurse telling me it was time to get up and I looked at her like she was crazy. There was no way I could get up and walk but I did. I had no option and all I could do was scream inside from the aching pain.

As horrible as it all sounds I wouldn’t change any of it. Not one bit of it because that’s MY birth story and it gave me my greatest blessing of all. My healthy and beautiful baby girl Aria.

To all my mommies who had a c-section please don’t let anyone tell you “you really didn’t give birth” because you sure as hell did!

Let your story be an inspiration to others

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