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This week the lovely Emma @a_mothers_tale offered up some words of wisdom for other mothers and families about to welcome their babies amidst the #COVID-19 pandemic. As promised, today we are featuring her #BirthStory of baby Harry, born just last week.


Late last Sunday I went into hospital at around 11.30pm because I had reduced fetal movements that day and wanted to make sure everything was alright.⁣

Luckily all was fine, but because I was already 40+4 and 2cm dilated they decided they wanted to induce me the following day. So sent me off with a sweep in the hope that things would get going by themselves.

My tightenings started within the hour but unsure if they would amount to anything I went to my bed…⁣

When I woke up they had stopped, so I started packing bags and making arrangements for the kiddies to sleep over at my sister-in-laws that evening. I think all the running around triggered something as my tightenings started picking up again about 2pm, and kept coming. By 5pm they were 4.5mins apart and reasonably uncomfortable.⁣

I called the hospital who advised me to come in. Simon dropped me off and I went in to be assessed – turns out I was already 4cm dilated, so was taken straight to the birthing suite and Simon was able to come and join me.⁣

From 8pm – 12am I bounced on the ball and the labour tightenings were uncomfortable but definitely manageable… I thought this was going to be the easiest labour to date. However, when they checked me again my cervix hadn’t opened much further, so we decided to break my waters.⁣

Well… game changer!

I went from 0-100 instantly! The feeling was so intense – I remember wanting to run away from my tummy. Eventually I asked them to give me some pain relief, but as soon as I received the injection my body started instinctively pushing.⁣

I started pushing around 1am and at half 1 little Harry made his appearance! ⁣

However, the midwives soon realised that I had torn again (another 3rd degree tear), so I had to go to theatre for surgery to repair it [hence my sore bottom]! ⁣

“Although my birth was far from ‘perfect’ I am so so grateful that I was able to carry and birth 3 healthy baby boys, and was finally able to experience a natural labour without induction” ❤️⁣


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