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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is undeniably shaping families’ options and experiences during pregnancy and birth. With restrictions being placed on who can and can’t be present with them during labour, or who can visit, where and (in some circumstances) when they can give birth. Changes to how maternity systems operate and tough decisions are having to be made across the globe in line with rapidly-changing guidelines and advice, as new research begins to emerge. Being pregnant and giving birth during the pandemic is causing understandable panic and anxiety, so this week I wanted to share Ember’s story with you. Ember has first hand experience of birthing in the ‘Corona era’, having recently given birth to her fifth son in March.

EMBER | FAITH OVER FEAR | March 26th 2020

I had a baby during the Covid-19 Pandemic, and we survived.

Leading up to labor I was prepared for the absolute worst. Delivering all alone, not getting the care I needed, having baby taken from me for testing or quarantining, being exposed to the virus, etc.

I ended up giving birth without my mother, who has been right by my side through all of my previous deliveries, but aside from that, there were no big differences. I was treated great, staff took extra precautions to keep us from exposure. Dad was right beside us the whole time and our baby never left our sight.

After speaking to a few pediatricians and doctors we learned that 99.9% of hospitals are still allowing one person to be there for support during/after labor & delivery and that the mother/baby units will fight HARD to keep it that way.

Remember, not everything you read on Facebook is true! In fact, most of it is far from the truth.

So, to all of you beautiful pregnant mamas during this stressful time, try not to read into and worry yourself about things you cannot control.

Faith over fear.

Let your story be an inspiration for others

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