RCOG COVID-19 Guidance for Pregnant Healthcare Staff

RCOG released new guidance over the weekend for pregnant health care workers. Until now there had been confusion over whether or not pregnant members of staff should be at work, practicing social distancing [and what that meant in the workplace], and the type of roles they should/shouldn’t be undertaking.

Here is an overview to clarify:

Women who are LESS THAN 28 weeks pregnant should practice social distancing but can continue working in a patient-facing role, provided the necessary precautions are taken.

Women who are MORE THAN 28 weeks pregnant, or have underlying health conditions, should avoid direct patient contact.

Pregnant women in their FIRST or SECOND TRIMESTER (under 28 weeks pregnant), with NO underlying health conditions, are advised to follow the guidance on social distancing in the same way as the general population and other colleagues. They can continue to work but avoid, where possible, caring for patients with suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection, through the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and risk assessment.

Some working environments, such as operating theatres, respiratory wards + intensive care or high dependency units, carry a higher exposure risk for pregnant women + all healthcare workers in these settings are recommended to use appropriate PPE. Where possible, pregnant women are advised to avoid working in these areas with suspected or confirmed coronavirus patients.

Women in their THIRD trimester (after 28 weeks pregnant), + those at any stage of pregnancy with an underlying health condition ā€“ such as heart or lung disease ā€“ a more precautionary approach is advised.

All pregnant staff are advised to discuss this latest advice with their line manager in the first instance order to ensure that they remain safe and well at work.

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